Todoist Keyboard Shortcuts


Task Quick Add shortcuts

@Add a label
#Pick a project
+Add an assignee
p then 1 through 4Set a priority level
control + mAdd a comment to a newly created task (web, macOS, & Windows legacy only)

Shortcuts that can be used anywhere

control or shift then click on multiple tasksSelect and change multiple tasks at once
qAdd task
aAdd new task at the bottom of the list
shift + aAdd new task at the top of the list
/Open search

Adding or editing tasks

escapeCancel current changes
enterSave a newly created task and create a new one below it
shift + enterSave changes to an existing task and create a new task below it
control + enterSave a new task or save changes to an existing one and create a new task above it
control + upMove to the task above the task currently being edited
control + downMove to the task below the task currently being edited

Creating and completing sub-tasks

command + rightIncrease task indent (Works only inside projects)
command + leftDecrease task indent (Only works inside projects)
shift then clickComplete a sub-task or recurring task and archive it

Sorting tasks inside a project

dSort by date
pSort by priority
nSort by name
rSort by assignee

Global shortcuts

control + command + shift + tShow/hide Todoist
control + command + shift + aOpen task Quick Add