Sublime Text Keyboard Shortcuts

Sublime Text


command + xCut line
command + returnInsert line after
command + shift + returnInsert line before
command + control + upMove line/selection up
command + control + downMove line/selection down
command + lSelect line (repeat to select next line)
command + dSelect word (repeat to select next occurrence)
control + command + gSelect all occurrences of current selection
control + shift + upExtra cursor on the line above
control + shift + downExtra cursor on the line below
control + mJump to closing parentheses (repeat to jump to opening parentheses)
control + shift + mSelect all contents of the current parentheses
control + aMove to beginning of line
command + leftMove to beginning of text on line
control + eMove to end of line
command + kDelete from cursor to end of line
command + k + deleteDelete from cursor to start of line
command + ]Indent current line(s)
command + [Un-indent current line(s)
command + shift + dDuplicate line(s)
command + jJoin line below to the end of the current line
command + /Comment/un-comment current line
command + option + /Block comment current selection
command + yRedo, or repeat last keyboard shortcut command
command + shift + vPaste and indent correctly
control + spaceSelect next auto-complete suggestion
control + uSoft undo; jumps to your last change before undoing change when repeated
control + shift + upColumn selection up
control + shift + downColumn selection down
control + shift + wWrap Selection in html tag
control + shift + kDelete current line of cursor


command + tQuickly open files by name
command + rGo to symbol
control + gGo to line in current file


command + shift + pCommand Palette
control + `Python Console
control + command + fToggle fullscreen mode
control + shift + command + fToggle distraction-free mode
command + bToggle side bar
control + shift + pShow scope in status bar


command + fFind
command + option + fReplace
command + shift + fFind in files
command + iIncremental Find


control + vScroll down one page
control + lCenter current line vertically in page
command + downScroll to end of file
command + upScroll to start of file


command + shift + tOpen last closed tab
command + 1 through 9Jump to tab in current group
command + 0Jump to 10th tab in current group
command + shift + [Cycle left through tabs
command + shift + ]Cycle right through tabs
control + tabCycle up through recent tabs
shift + control + tabCycle down through recent tabs

Split window

command + option + 1Revert view to single column
command + option + 2Split view into two columns
command + option + 3Split view into three columns
command + option + 4Split view into four columns
command + option + 5Set view to grid (4 groups)
control + 1 through 4Jump to group
control + shift + 1 through 4Move file to specified group


command + f2Toggle bookmark
f2Next bookmark
shift + f2Previous bookmark
shift + command + f2Clear bookmarks

Text manipulation

command + uTransform to uppercase
command + lTransform to lowercase
command + control + downClip text upwards/downwards