Slack Keyboard Shortcuts



command + kQuick Switcher
command + shift + kOpen direct messages menu
command + shift + lBrowse all channels
command + shift + tOpen all threads view
option + upPrevious channel or DM
option + downNext channel or DM
option + shift + upPrevious unread channel or DM
option + shift + downNext unread channel or DM
command + [Previous channel or DM visited
command + ]Next channel or DM visited
command + ,Open preferences
command + .Open or close right pane
command + shift + iChannel info pane
command + shift + iActivity
command + shift + eDirectory
command + shift + sStarred items
command + fSearch current channel or conversation
command + gOpen previous search
control + command + fToggle full screen

All Unreads navigation

command + shift + aOpen All Unreads view
option then click a messageMark messages as unread
right or leftOpen direct messages menu
rToggle current channel read or unread

Mark messages read or unread

escapeMark all messages in current channel or DM as read
shift + escapeMark all messages as read
option then click a messageSet a message as your oldest unread message

Message shortcuts

upEdit your last message
: then type at least three charactersStart search for an emoji
shift + upSelect text to beginning of current line
shift + downSelect text to end of current line
command + shift + \Add emoji reactions to a message
command + bBold selected text
command + iItalicize selected text
command + shift + xStrikethrough selected text
command + shift + >Quote selected text
command + shift + cCodeblock selected text
command + shift + 7Turn selected text into a numbered list
command + shift + 8Turn selected text into a bulleted list
command + shift + ySet or edit your status

Files and snippets

command + uUpload file
command + shift + returnCreate a new snippet

Call actions

mToggle mute on and off (hold to talk when muted)
vToggle video on and off
+ / aShow invite list
e then 1 through 9View and select an emoji reaction