Sketch Keyboard Shortcuts


General Shortcuts

command + cCopy
command + xCut
command + vPaste
shift + command + vPaste over selection
space then dragPan Canvas
shift + command + nNew page
fn + upPrevious page
fn + downNext page
command + +Zoom in
command + -Zoom out
control + rShow/hide rulers
control + pShow/hide pixels
control + xShow/hide pixel grid
control + gShow/hide grid
control + lShow/hide layout
control + eShow/hide slices
control + fShow/hide prototyping
command + fFilter in Layer List
control + command + kRun custom plugin
command + zUndo
shift + command + zRedo
command + nNew document
command + oOpen document
command + wClose window
command + sSave document
shift + command + sDuplicate document
option + shift + command + sSave document as…
shift + command + pPage setup
command + ,Open Preferences window
command + hHide Sketch
command + qQuit Sketch
shift + command + ?Open the Help menu
command + pOpen Preview window

Inserting Layers

uRounded rectangle
vVector tool
pPencil tool
tText tool
aArtboard tool
sSlice tool
hHotspot tool
option then dragWhen inserting a layer, draw shape from center
shift then dragWhen inserting a layer, lock ratio of shape
space  then dragPlace newly drawn layer before confirming it

Selecting Layers

clickSelect layer
option then dragSelects layer within drag bounds
command then click layerSelect any layer
option then click layerSelect an obscured layer
command + aSelect all
shift + command + aSelect all Artboards
shift then clickAdd layer to selection/deselect layer in Canvas
shift + command then clickAdd layer from group to selection in Canvas
command then clickAdd layer to selection/deselect layer in Layer List
shift then clickSelect a range of layers in Layer List
fn + rightSelect next Artboard
fn + leftSelect previous Artboard
shift + command + jReveal selection in Layer List

Moving and Resizing Layers

option then hoverDisplay distance between other layers
command + dDuplicate
option through dragDuplicate
shift through dragMove layer along X/Y axis
command through dragMove layer ignoring smart guides
option + command through dragMove an obscured layer
up or down or left or rightNudge layer any direction by 1 px*
shift + up or down or left or rightNudge layer any direction by 10 px*
command + kScale layer
option then resizeResize layer from center
shift then resizePreserve layer ratio
command + right or downExpand by 1 px
command + left or upContract by 1 px
shift + command + right or downExpand by 10 px
shift + command + left or upContract by 10 px
control + option then hoverShow distance to baseline/cap height on text layers

Editing Layers

enterEdit layer
escapeFinish editing
option + tabFocus X position input field in the Inspector
deleteDelete layer
option + command + cCopy style
option + command + vPaste style
control + sSync shared style
option + control + sReset shared style
wAdd link to Artboard
fToggle fill
bToggle border
control + cPick color
0 through 9Edit layer opacity
shift + command + tTransform shape
shift + command + rRotate layer
control + command + mUse as mask
command + escapeReturn to instance
option + command + uUnion multiple layers
option + command + sSubtract multiple layers
option + command + iIntersect multiple layers
option + command + xDifference multiple layers

Vector Editing

option + command + oOpen/close path
tabSelects next point
optionShow all handle control points
1Straight point type
2Mirrored point type
3Disconnected point type
4Asymmetric point type
shift then drag vector pointMove point along X/Y axis
command then drag handle control pointConverts selected point to Disconnected
shift then click when inserting pointsPlace new point at a 45º angle
shift then click path segmentPlace new point between existing points

Text Editing

option + shift + command + vPaste as rich text
command + tChange typeface
command + bBold
command + iItalic
command + uUnderline
option + command + +Increase font size
option + command + -Decrease font size
control + option + lIncrease character spacing
control + option + tDecrease character spacing
shift + command + {Align left
shift + command + |Align center
shift + command + }Align right
option + command + spaceEmoji & symbols
shift + command + oConvert to outlines
shift + returnInsert a line break

Arranging Layers

command + gGroup
shift + command + gUngroup
command + rRename layer
tabSelect next layer in group
shift + tabSelect previous layer in group
enterSelects layer inside group
escapeSelects parent group
option + command + upBring forward
control + option + command + upBring to front
option + command + downSend backward
control + option + command + downSend to back
option + shift + command + upMove up (out of group/Artboard)
control + command + hDistribute horizontally
control + command + vDistribute vertically
option then click align buttonsAlign layer to Artboard
shift + command + hHide/show layer
shift + command + lLock/unlock layer

Exporting Layers

shift + command + eExport
command + eExport selected layer(s)

Zoom and Focus

command + 0Zoom to 100%
command + 1Zoom to all elements on Canvas
command + 2Zoom to selected layer(s)
command + 3Center selected layer(s) in the Canvas
z then dragZoom to area
z then clickZoom in
option + z then clickZoom out
~Temporarily zoom out to 100%
control + command + fToggle full screen
option + command + 1Show/hide Layer List
option + command + 2Show/hide Inspector
command + .Enter presentation mode
option + command + tShow/hide Toolbar

Text Field Helpers

option + tabFocus Inspector
tabSelect next field
shift + tabSelect previous field
enterConfirm change
escapeClear change
upIncrease value by 1
downDecrease value by 1
shift + upIncrease value by 10
shift + downDecrease value by 10
option + upIncrease value by 0.1
option + downDecrease value by 0.1
shift then click and drag labelAdjust value in increments of 10
option then click and drag labelAdjust value in increments of 0.1
lScale from the left (default)
rScale from the right
tScale from the top (default)
bScale from the bottom
c or mScale from the center / middle
%Resize layer to a percentage of its parent group or Artboard
;Value spacer


shift while opening SketchLaunch Sketch with all plugins disabled
control + command + dDetach from Symbol
control + option + command + dDetach all contents from Symbol
shift + command + dRefresh Data
control + command + rRun last-used plugin again
command then drag selection handleRotate layer
shift then drag when rotatingSnap rotation to 15º increments
0 through 9With a gradient stop selected, position it between 0% and 100%
=Position selected gradient stop directly between two existing stops