Adobe Premiere Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Premiere

Audio Track Mixer panel

option + command + tShow/Hide Tracks
command + lLoop
control + shift + iMeter Input(s) Only

Capture panel

vRecord Video
aRecord Audio
fFast Forward
qGo to In point
wGo to Out point
leftStep Back
rightStep Forward

Effect Controls panel

deleteRemove Selected Effect
command + lLoop During Audio-Only Playback

Effects panel

command + /New Custom Bin
deleteDelete Custom Item

Essential Graphics panel

deleteClear Selection

History panel

leftStep Backward
rightStep Forward

Legacy Titler panel

aArc Tool
command + bBold
option + shift + leftDecrease Kerning by Five Units
option + leftDecrease Kerning by One Unit
option + shift + downDecrease Leading by Five Units
option + downDecrease Leading by One Unit
option + shift + command + leftDecrease Text Size by Five Points
option + command + leftDecrease Text Size by One Point
eEllipse Tool
option + shift + rightIncrease Kerning by Five Units
option + rightIncrease Kerning by One Unit
option + shift + upIncrease Leading by Five Units
option + upIncrease Leading by One Unit
option + shift + command + rightIncrease Text Size by Five Points
option + command + rightIncrease Text Size by One Point
option + shift + command + cInsert Copyright Symbol
option + shift + command + rInsert Registered Symbol
command + iItalic
lLine Tool
shift + downNudge Selected Object Down by Five Pixels
downNudge Selected Object Down by One Pixel
shift + leftNudge Selected Object Left by Five Pixels
leftNudge Selected Object Left by One Pixel
shift + rightNudge Selected Object Right by Five Pixels
rightNudge Selected Object Right by One Pixel
shift + upNudge Selected Object Up by Five Pixels
upNudge Selected Object Up by One Pixel
pPen Tool
shift + command + dPosition Objects to Bottom Title Safe Margin
shift + command + fPosition Objects to Left Title Safe Margin
shift + command + oPosition Objects to Top Title Safe Margin
rRectangle Tool
oRotation Tool
vSelection Tool
tType Tool
command + uUnderline
cVertical Type Tool
wWedge Tool

Media Browser panel

shift + oOpen in Source Monitor
shift + leftSelect Directory List
shift + rightSelect Media List

Metadata panel

command + lLoop


downGo to Next Edit Point
shift + downGo to Next Edit Point on Any Track
upGo to Previous Edit Point
shift + upGo to Previous Edit Point on Any Track
shift + endGo to Selected Clip End
shift + homeGo to Selected Clip Start
endGo to Sequence-Clip End
homeGo to Sequence-Clip Start
]Increase Clip Volume
shift + ]Increase Clip Volume Many
shift + `Maximize or Restore Active Frame
`Maximize or Restore Frame Under Cursor
shift + -Minimize All Tracks
shift + kPlay Around
option + kPlay In to Out
shift + spacePlay In to Out with Preroll/Postroll
control + spacePlay from Playhead to Out Point
spacePlay-Stop Toggle
shift + tReveal Nested Sequence
wRipple Trim Next Edit To Playhead
qRipple Trim Previous Edit To Playhead
1Select Camera 1
2Select Camera 2
3Select Camera 3
4Select Camera 4
5Select Camera 5
6Select Camera 6
7Select Camera 7
8Select Camera 8
9Select Camera 9
shift + fSelect Find Box
dSelect Clip at Playhead
command + downSelect Next Clip
control + shift + .Select Next Panel
command + upSelect Previous Clip
control + shift + ,Select Previous Panel
command + pSet Poster Frame
jShuttle Left
lShuttle Right
shift + jShuttle Slow Left
shift + lShuttle Slow Right
kShuttle Stop
leftStep Back
shift + leftStep Back Five Frames - Units
rightStep Forward
shift + rightStep Forward Five Frames - Units
command + 9Toggle All Audio Targets
option + command + 9Toggle All Source Audio
option + command + 0Toggle All Source Video
command + 0Toggle All Video Targets
shift + sToggle Audio During Scrubbing
control + `Toggle Full Screen
shift + 0Toggle Multi-Camera View
control + tToggle Trim Type
option + leftTrim Backward
option + shift + leftTrim Backward Many
option + rightTrim Forward
option + shift + rightTrim Forward Many
option + wTrim Next Edit to Playhead
option + qTrim Previous Edit to Playhead

Program Monitor panel

shift + command + ;Snap in Program Monitor
shift + command + upNudge Selected Object up by five frames
shift + command + rightNudge Selected Object right by five frames
shift + command + leftNudge Selected Object left by five frames
shift + command + downNudge Selected Object down by five frames
command + upNudge Selected Object up by one frame
command + rightNudge Selected Object right by one frame
command + leftNudge Selected Object left by one frame
command + downNudge Selected Object down by one frame

Project panel

command + bNew Bin
command + page upList
command + page downIcon
shift + hHover Scrub
command + deleteDelete Selection with Options
shift + downExtend Selection Down
shift + leftExtend Selection Left
shift + rightExtend Selection Right
shift + upExtend Selection Up
downMove Selection Down
endMove Selection End
homeMove Selection Home
leftMove Selection Left
page downMove Selection Page Down
page upMove Selection Page Up
rightMove Selection Right
upMove Selection Up
tabNext Column Field
returnNext Row Field
shift + oOpen in Source Monitor
shift + tabPrevious Column Field
shift + returnPrevious Row Field
shift + ]Thumbnail Size Next
shift + [Thumbnail Size Previous
shift + \Toggle View

Timeline panel

deleteClear Selection
option + -Decrease Audio Tracks Height
command + -Decrease Video Tracks Height
option + =Increase Audio Tracks Height
command + =Increase Video Tracks Height
shift + command + leftNudge Clip Selection Left Five Frames
command + leftNudge Clip Selection Left One Frame
shift + command + rightNudge Clip Selection Right Five Frames
command + rightNudge Clip Selection Right One Frame
option + deleteRipple Delete
option + [Set Work Area Bar In Point
option + ]Set Work Area Bar Out Point
page downShow Next Screen
page upShow Previous Screen
option + shift + ,Slide Clip Selection Left Five Frames
option + ,Slide Clip Selection Left One Frame
option + shift + .Slide Clip Selection Right Five Frames
option + .Slide Clip Selection Right One Frame
option + shift + command + leftSlip Clip Selection Left Five Frames
option + command + leftSlip Clip Selection Left One Frame
option + shift + command + rightSlip Clip Selection Right Five Frames
option + command + rightSlip Clip Selection Right One Frame