Notes Keyboard Shortcuts



command + nCreate a new note
shift + command + nCreate a new folder
command + 0Show the main Notes window
command + 1Show or hide the Attachments Browser
option + command + fSearch all notes
tabMove between the sidebar, notes list, and search field
returnBegin typing in the note selected in the notes list
command + returnGo back to the notes list
command + pPrint a note


shift + command + aAttach a file
command + kCreate a link
option + command + tInsert a table
shift + command + tApply Title format
shift + command + hApply Heading format
shift + command + bApply Body format
shift + command + lApply Checklist format
command + +Increase font size
command + -Decrease font size
command + ] or tabIncrease list level
command + [ or shift + tabDecrease list level
control + returnAdd a line break (soft return) to a list item or checklist
option + tabInsert a tab character in a list item
shift + command + uMark or unmark a checklist item
shift + command + >Zoom in on note’s contents
shift + command + <Zoom out on note’s contents
shift + command + 0Change size of note’s contents to default

Navigating in tables

returnMove down one row or add a new row at the bottom of the table
option + returnAdd a new paragraph in a cell
option + command + upAdd a new row above the current row
option + command + downAdd a new row below the current row
option + command + rightAdd a new column to the right of the current column
option + command + leftAdd a new column to the left of the current column
tabMove to the next cell to the right
shift + tabMove to the next cell to the left
option + tabAdd a tab character in a cell
shift + left or shift + rightSelect a range of cells in a row
shift + up or shift + downSelect a range of cells in a column
command + aSelect the content of the current cell
command + aSelect the entire table