Lucidchart Keyboard Shortcuts



space then dragPan around the page
command + +Zoom in
command + -Zoom out
command + 0Reset zoom to default
option + shift + fShow or hide panels
command + shift + >Next page
command + shift + <Previous page


up or down or left or rightMove selected items
command then click itemAdd or remove an object from selection
command + aSelect all
escapeDeselect all
deleteDelete selection
F2Edit text
command + option + mAdd comment
command + shift + dDuplicate
command + xCut
command + cCopy
command + vPaste
hold shift then resize itemMaintain aspect ratio
hold option then resize itemResize item from center
lDraw free-standing line
fOpen Font Manager
mOpen Shape Manager
command + zUndo
command + yRedo
command + gGroup selection
command + shift + gUngroup selection
command + kAdd/Edit link
command + option + ]Bring selected items to front layer
command + option + [Send selected items to back most layer
command + ]Bring selected items forward one layer
command + [Send selected items back one layer

Text Editing

command + bBold
command + iItalic
command + uUnderline
command + returnLine break
shift + returnCarriage return
command + option + cCopy text style
command + option + vPaste text style

Find & Replace

command + fOpen find and replace tool
f3Navigate to next search result
shift + f3Navigate to previous search result

File Operations

command + sSave
command + shift + sSave as
command + dDownload/Export
command + shift + eEmbed published chart on another web page
command + shift + pPublish online

Mind Maps

tabCreate child idea
returnCreate sibling idea
f2Edit text
up or down or left or rightNavigate through map
zToggle children

Presentation Mode

leftGo to previous slide
rightGo to next slide

Miscellaneous Shortcuts

f1Open hotkey reference
control + spaceOpen feature find