Jira Keyboard Shortcuts


Global Shortcuts

g then dGo to Dashboard
g then pBrowse to a Project
g then a or g then hGo to Agile
g then iGo to Issue Navigator
g then gAdministration Search Dialog Box
/Quick Search
cCreate an Issue
?Open shortcut help
control + alt + dDashboards drop-down menu
control + alt + pProjects drop-down menu
control + alt + iIssues drop-down menu
control + alt + gAgile drop-down menu
control + alt + sForm Submit
control + alt + `Cancel Form

Agile Shortcuts

jNext Issue
kPrevious Issue
nNext Column
pPrevious Column
-Expand/Collapse All Swimlanes
tHide/Show Detail View
oView Issue
enterAdd a New Line
enterSubmit changes
escapeCancel changes
iAssign to Me
s then tSend to Top
s then bSend to Bottom
eEdit Issue
zProjector Mode

Issue Actions and Navigator Shortcuts

o or enterView selected Issue
jNext Issue
kPrevious Issue
uBack to the Navigator
[Hide/Show Left Section
nNext Activity
pPrevious Activity
fFocus search field
escapeEscape field
eEdit Issue
aAssign Issue
mComment on Issue
lEdit Issue Labels
sShare Issue
.Operations dialog box
uBack to the Navigator
[Hide/Show Left Section
fFocus Search Field