Google Docs Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Docs

Common actions

command + cCopy
command + xCut
command + vPaste
command + shift + vPaste without formatting
command + zUndo
command + shift + zRedo
command + kInsert or edit link
option + enterOpen link
command + /Show common keyboard shortcuts
command + sSave
command + pPrint
command + oOpen
command + fFind
command + shift + hFind and replace
command + gFind again
command + shift + gFind previous
control + shift + fHide the menus (compact mode)
command + enterInsert page break
option + / control + option + zSearch the menus
command + yRepeat last action

Text formatting

command + bBold
command + iItalicize
command + uUnderline
command + shift + xStrikethrough
command + .Superscript
command + ,Subscript
command + option + cCopy text formatting
command + option + vPaste text formatting
command + \Clear text formatting
command + shift + >Increase font size
command + shift + <Decrease font size

Paragraph formatting

command + ]Increase paragraph indentation
command + [Decrease paragraph indentation
command + option + 0Apply normal text style
command + option + 1 through 6Apply heading style
command + shift + lLeft align
command + shift + eCenter align
command + shift + rRight align
command + shift + jJustify
command + shift + 7Numbered list
command + shift + 8Bulleted list
control + shift + up or downMove paragraph up/down 

Images and drawings

command + option + yAlt text
command + control + kResize larger
command + control + bResize larger horizontally
command + control + iResize larger vertically
command + control + jResize smaller
command + control + wResize smaller horizontally
command + control + qResize smaller vertically
option + rightRotate clockwise by 15°
option + leftRotate counterclockwise by 15°
option + shift + leftRotate counterclockwise by 1°
option + shift + rightRotate clockwise by 1°
command + escape or shift + escapeClose drawing editor

Comments and footnotes

command + option + mInsert comment
command + option + shift + aOpen discussion thread
control + enterEnter current comment
command + option + fInsert footnote
holding control + command press e then fMove to current footnote
holding control + command press n then fMove to next footnote
holding control + command press p then fMove to previous footnote


command + shift + \Context (right-click) menu
control + option + fFile menu
control + option + eEdit menu
control + option + vView menu
control + option + iInsert menu
control + option + oFormat menu
control + option + tTools menu
control + option + hHelp menu
control + option + aAccessibility menu (present when screen reader support is enabled)
command + option + shift + kInput Tools menu (available in documents in non-Latin languages)
command + shift + kToggle input controls (available in documents in non-Latin languages)
shift then right clickShow your browser's context menu

Text selection with keyboard

command + aSelect all
shift + left or rightExtend selection one character
shift + up or downExtend selection one line
shift + fn + leftExtend selection to the beginning of the line
option + shift + up or downExtend selection one paragraph
shift + fn + rightExtend selection to the end of the line
command + shift + upExtend selection to the beginning of the document
command + shift + downExtend selection to the end of the document
holding control + command + shift press e then iSelect current list item
holding control + command + shift press e then oSelect all list items at current level

Screen reader support

option + command + zEnable screen reader support
control + command + xSpeak selection
control + command + rSpeak from cursor location
holding control + command press lScreen Reader: Announce cursor location
holding control + command press fScreen Reader: Announce formatting at cursor location
holding control + command + shift press t then hScreen Reader: Speak the table column and row header
holding control + command + shift press t then nScreen Reader: Speak the table cell location
holding control + command + shift press t then rScreen Reader: Speak the table row header
holding control + command + shift press t then cScreen Reader: Speak the table column header

Document navigation

holding control + command press n then hMove to next heading
holding control + command press p then hMove to previous heading
holding control + command press n then 1 through 6Move to next heading [1-6]
holding control + command press p then 1 through 6Move to previous heading [1-6]
holding control + command press n then gMove to next media (image or drawing)
holding control + command press p then gMove to previous media (image or drawing)
holding control + command press n then oMove to next list
holding control + command press p then oMove to previous list
holding control + command press n then iMove to next item in the current list
holding control + command press p then iMove to previous item in the current list
holding control + command press n then lMove to next link
holding control + command press p then lMove to previous link
holding control + command press n then bMove to next bookmark
holding control + command press p then bMove to previous bookmark
holding control + command press n then wMove to next formatting change
holding control + command press p then wMove to previous formatting change
holding control + command press n then rMove to the next edit (while viewing revision history or new changes)
holding control + command press p then rMove to the previous edit (while viewing revision history or new changes)

Table navigation

holding control + command + shift press t then sMove to the start of the table
holding control + command + shift press t then dMove to the end of the table
holding control + command + shift press t then iMove to the start of the table column
holding control + command + shift press t then kMove to the end of the table column
holding control + command + shift press t then bMove to the next table column
holding control + command + shift press t then vMove to the previous table column
holding control + command + shift press t then jMove to the start of the table row
holding control + command + shift press t then lMove to the end of the table row
holding control + command + shift press t then mMove to the next table row
holding control + command + shift press t then gMove to the previous table row
holding control + command + shift press t then eExit table
holding control + command + shift press n then tMove to the next table
holding control + command + shift press p then tMove to the previous table

Other tools and navigation

command + option + shift + hOpen revision history
command + option + shift + iOpen Explore tool
command + alt + xOpen spelling/grammar
command + shift + yOpen dictionary
command + shift + cWord count
command + shift + sStart voice typing (Chrome only)
command + option + . or command + option + ,Go to side panel
fn + upPage up
fn + downPage down
command + 'Move to next misspelling
command + ;Move to previous misspelling
holding control + command press o then hInsert or move to header
holding control + command press o then fInsert or move to footer
holding control + command press e then pMove focus to popup (for links, bookmarks, and images)
command + option + shift + mMove focus out of document text
escapeReturn focus to document text