Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts


Compose & Chat

pPrevious message in an open conversation
nNext message in an open conversation
shift + escapeFocus main window
escapeFocus latest chat or compose
command + enterSend
command + shift + cAdd CC recipients
command + shift + bAdd BCC recipients
command + shift + fAccess custom from
command + kInsert a link
command + ;Go to next misspelled word
command + mOpen spelling suggestions

Formatting Text

command + shift + 5Previous font
command + shift + 6Next font
command + shift + -Decrease text size
command + shift + +Increase text size
command + bBold
command + iItalics
command + uUnderline
command + shift + 7Numbered List
command + shift + 8Bulleted List
command + shift + 9Quote
command + [Indent Less
command + ]Indent More
command + shift + lAlign left
command + shift + eAlign center
command + shift + rAlign right
command + \Remove formatting


,Move focus to toolbar
xSelect conversation
sToggle star (or rotate among superstars)
mMute conversation
!Report as spam
shift + rReply in a new window
aReply all
shift + aReply all in a new window
shift + fForward in a new window
shift + nUpdate conversation
] or [Archive conversation and go previous/next
zUndo last action
shift + iMark as read
shift + uMark as unread
_Mark unread from the selected message
=Mark as important
-Mark as not important
;Expand entire conversation
:Collapse entire conversation
shift + tAdd conversation to tasks


h then mShow menu
h then aShow archived hangouts
h then iShow Hangout requests
h then cFocus on the conversation list
h then pOpen phone


g then iGo to inbox
g then sGo to starred conversations
g then tGo to Sent messages
g then dGo to Drafts
g then aGo to all mail
command + option + ,Switch between the Calendar/Keep/Tasks sidebar and your inbox
g then kGo to Tasks
g then lGo to label

Threadlist Selection

* then aSelect all conversations
* then nDeselect all conversations
* then rSelect read conversations
* then uSelect unread conversations
* then sSelect starred conversations
* then tSelect unstarred conversations


uBack to threadlist
kNewer conversation
o or enterOpen conversation
`Go to next inbox section
~Go to previous inbox section


dCompose in a new tab
/Search mail
gSearch chat contacts
.Open "more actions" menu
vOpen "move to" menu
lOpen "label as" menu
?Open keyboard shortcuts help