Fantastical Keyboard Shortcuts


General Shortcuts

control + option + spaceOpen or close Fantastical
command + fSearch
command + nEnter a new event
command + tGo to today
command + rShow or hide the Reminders list
command + qQuit
command + ,Preferences
command + pPrint
command + iGet info
command + kToggle between event/reminder for new item
control + command + aToggle keeping mini window on top
rightJump to next month
leftJump to previous month
shift + rightJump to next day
shift + leftJump to previous day
shift + downJump to next week
shift + upJump to previous week
command + eShow or hide details
command + delete or deleteDelete item
shift + command + iShow detected invitees (for new event)

Day or Week View

control + rightMove item to next day
control + leftMove item to previous day
control + downMvoe item forward 15 minutes
control + upMove item backward 15 minutes
control + option + downMove start of event forward 15 minutes
control + option + upMove start of event backward 15 minutes
control + shift + downMove end of event forward 15 minutes
command + shift + upMove end of event backward 15 minutes


command + downJump from the search field to first search result