Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts


Tab and window shortcuts

command + nOpen a new window
command + shift + nOpen a new window in Incognito mode
command + tOpen a new tab, and jump to it
command + shift + tReopen the last closed tab, and jump to it
command + option + rightJump to the next open tab
command + option + leftJump to the previous open tab
command + 1 through command + 8Jump to a specific tab
command + 9Jump to the last tab
command + [ or command + leftOpen the previous page in your browsing history for the current tab
command + ] or command + rightOpen the next page in your browsing history for the current tab
command + wCloses the current tab or pop-up
command + shift + wCloses the current window
command + mMinimize the window
command + hHide Google Chrome
command + qQuit Google Chrome

Google Chrome feature shortcuts

command + shift + bShow or hide the Bookmarks Bar
command + option + bOpen the Bookmark Manager
command + ,Open the Settings page in a new tab
command + yOpen the History page in a new tab
command + shift + jOpen the Downloads page in a new tab
command + fOpen the Find Bar to search the current page
command + gJump to the next match to your Find Bar search
command + shift + gJump to the previous match to your Find Bar search
command + eWhen Find Bar is open, search for selected text
command + option + iOpen Developer Tools
command + shift + deleteOpen the Clear Browsing Data options
command + shift + mLog in as a different user or browse as a Guest

Address Bar shortcuts

type a search term, then press enterSearch with your default search engine
type a search engine name and press tabSearch using a different search engine
type a site name, then press control + enterAdd www. and .com to a site name, and open it in the current tab
type a site name then press control + shift + enterAdd www. and .com to a site name, and open it in a new tab
type a web address, then press command + enterOpen the website in a new background tab
command + lJump to the address bar
down to highlight, then shift + fn + deleteRemove predictions from your address bar

Webpage shortcuts

command + pOpen options to print the current page
command + sOpen options to save the current page
command + option + pOpen the Page Setup dialog
command + shift + rReload your current page, ignoring cached content
escapeStop the page loading
tabBrowse clickable items moving forward
shift + tabBrowse clickable items moving backward
command + o then select a fileOpen a file from your computer in Google Chrome
command + option + uDisplay non-editable HTML source code for the current page
command + option + jOpen the JavaScript Console
command + dSave your current webpage as a bookmark
command + control + dSave all open tabs as bookmarks in a new folder
command + control + fTurn full-screen mode on or off
command + +Make everything on the page bigger
command + -Make everything on the page smaller
command + 0Return everything on the page to the default size
spaceScroll down a webpage, a screen at a time
shift + spaceScroll up a webpage, a screen at a time
command + option + fSearch the web
option + leftMove your cursor to the front of the previous word in a text field
option + rightMove your cursor to the back of the next word in a text field
option + deleteDelete the previous word in a text field
command + shift + hOpen your home page in the current tab

Mouse shortcuts

drag a link to a tabOpen a link in a current tab (mouse only)
command then click a linkOpen a link in new background tab
command + shift then click a linkOpen a link, and jump to it
shift then click a linkOpen a link in a new window
escape while draggingReturn a tab to its original position
option then click a linkDownload the target of a link