Asana Keyboard Shortcuts


My Tasks

tab + yMark as Today in your My Tasks
tab + uMark as Upcoming in your My Tasks
tab + lMark as Later in your My Tasks


k or jMove Up/Down
hJump to Inbox tab
sJump to Archive tab
fFollow or Unfollow
uMove to Inbox

Task Actions

New Task
tab + bkspDelete Selected Task(s)
bkspDelete current task (when task name is empty)
command + Complete Selected Task(s)
command + downMove Up/Down
command + shift + downJump Up/Down to the next Section
command + cCopy Selected Tasks
command + vPaste Tasks (One per line)
tab + mAssign to Me
tab + hAccess Home
tab + nCreate a Section


tab + zNavigate to My Tasks
tab + iNavigate to Inbox
tab + oCollapse Sidebar
tab + cComment on Selected Task
tab + aAssign Selected Task
tab + dSet Due Date
tab + fAdd Follower
tab + tAdd a tag to the task
tab + sFocus Subtasks
tab + /Search for a project, tag, person, or task


up or downChange Selection
shift then clickSelect Range
shift + downSelect Range
command then clickMulti-select Individual Task


command + /Show Keyboard Shortcuts
escapeCollapse the right pane
tab + xEnter Focus Mode
tab + qQuick Add
tab + Post Comment (From comment field)
tab + bWhat it sounds like