Airtable Keyboard Shortcuts



command + zUndo action
command + y or command + shift + zRedo action
command + pPrint the current table view or current expanded record (if inside an expanded record)
command + jOpens the table switcher in the current base
command + kOpens the quick base switcher if on the home screen or inside a base
command + shift + kOpens the view switcher in the current base
command + shift + fOpens the filter menu in the current view. Press Enter to create a new filter
command + shift + dOpens the grouped records menu in the current view. Press Enter to collapse or expand all groups
command + shift + sOpens the sort menu in the current view. Press Enter to re-apply the most recent sort
command + shift + \Toggles blocks
command + f or command + gOpens find bar. Use Esc to close find bar
command + ;Sets the selected date/datetime field to now

Grid view

command + cCopy a cell or range of cells
command + xCut a cell or range of cells
command + vPaste a cell (if you select a range of cells, you can paste the same value into multiple cells at once)
spaceExpand the active record (use Esc to return to table)
shift + spaceExpand the active cell (you can then use arrow keys to move to different cells)
fn + up or fn + downScrolls one screen up or down
alt + fn + up or downScrolls one screen left or right
command + any arrow keyJump to the edge of the table
command + shift + any arrow keyJump to edge of table and select cells
shift + any arrow keySelect range of cells
shift + enterInsert a record below the selected cell
enter or f2Edit the selected cell
hold alt while dragging with mouseDuplicate a record or field

Gallery view

command + up or downScroll to edge of gallery

Kanban view

left or rightScroll kanban board to the left or right by one stack
command + left or rightScroll kanban board to the left or right edge
command + up or downScroll all stacks to top or bottom

Expanded record

command + shift + < or >Move to the previous or next record while viewing an expanded record
escapeClose expanded record