Ableton Live Keyboard Shortcuts

Ableton Live

Showing and Hiding Views

control + command + fToggle Full Screen Mode
command + shift + wToggle Second Window
tabToggle Session/Arrangement View
shift + tab or control + f12Toggle Device/Clip View
command + alt + l or control + shift + f12Hide/Show Detail View
qToggle Hot-Swap Mode
dToggle Drum Rack/last-selected Pad
shift + ?Hide/Show Info View
control + alt + vHide/Show Video Window
command + alt + bHide/Show Browser
command + alt + oHide/Show Overview
command + alt + iHide/Show In/Out
command + alt + sHide/Show Sends
command + alt + mHide/Show Mixer
command + ,Open the Preferences
escapeClose Window/Dialog

Accessing Menus

command + ?Access the command search field

Adjusting Values

up or downDecrement/Increment
shiftFiner Resolution for Dragging
deleteReturn to Default
0 through 9Type in Value
. or through or ,Go to Next Field (Bar, beat, 16th)
escapeAbort Value Entry
enterConfirm Value Entry


up or downScroll Down/Up
right or leftClose/Open Folders
enterLoad Selected Item from Browser
shift + enterPreview Selected File
command + fSearch in Browser
downJump to Search Results
1 through 7Assign Color(s) to Selected Browser Item(s)
0Reset Assigned Color(s) for Selected Browser Item


spacePlay from Start Marker/Stop
shift + spaceContinue Play from Stop Point
spacePlay Arrangement View Selection
fn + leftMove Insert Marker to Beginning
f10Back to Arrangement
f1 through f8Activate/Deactivate Track 1..8


command + xCut
command + cCopy
command + vPaste
command + dDuplicate
command + zUndo
command + yRedo
command + rRename
command + aSelect All
shiftClips and Slots Across all Tracks
shiftTime Across all Tracks
altThe Selected Part of the Envelope

Loop Brace and Start/End Markers

shift then clickMove Start Marker to Position
right or leftNudge Loop Left/Right
up or downMove Loop By Loop Length
command + up or downHalve/Double Loop Length
command + right or leftShorten/Lengthen Loop
command + shift + lSelect Material in Loop

Session View Commands

enterLaunch Selected Clip/Slot
up or down or left or rightSelect Neighboring Clip/Slot
command + aSelect all Clips/Slots
alt then drag a clipCopy Clips
command + eAdd/Remove Stop Button
command + shift + mInsert MIDI clip
command + iInsert Scene
command + shift + iInsert Captured Scene
command + up or downMove Nonadjacent Scenes Without Collapsing
commandDrop Browser Clips as a Scene
0Deactivate Selected Clip

Arrangement View Commands

command + eSplit Clip at Selection
command + jConsolidate Selection into Clip
command + alt + fCreate Fade/Crossfade
command + lToggle Loop Selection
command + iInsert Silence
command + altPan Left/Right of Selection
uUnfold Selected Tracks
alt + uUnfold all Tracks
alt + + / alt + -Adjust Height of Selected Tracks
command + shift + fScroll Display to Follow Playback
hOptimize Arrangement Height
wOptimize Arrangement Width
0Deactivate Selection
right or leftNudge Selection Left/Right
rReverse Audio Clip Selection
zZoom to Arrangement Time Selection
xZoom Back from Arrangement Time Selection
alt + spacePlay from Insert Marker in Selected Clip

Commands for Tracks

command + tInsert Audio Track
command + shift + tInsert MIDI Track
command + alt + tInsert Return Track
command + rRename Selected Track
tabWhile Renaming, Go to next Track
command + gGroup Selected Tracks
command + shift + gUngroup Tracks
+Show Grouped Tracks
-Hide Grouped Tracks
command then arrow keyMove Nonadjacent Tracks Without Collapsing
command then clickArm/Solo Multiple Tracks
sSolo Selected Tracks
enterAdd Device from Browser
0Deactivate Selected Track

Commands for Breakpoint Envelopes

aToggle Automation Mode
shiftFiner Resolution for Dragging
altCreate Curved Automation Segment
fMomentarily Toggle Fade Controls
command + deleteDelete Automation/Clear Envelope

Key/MIDI Map Mode and the Computer MIDI Keyboard

command + mToggle MIDI Map Mode
command + kToggle Key Map Mode
mComputer MIDI Keyboard
x or yAdjust Computer MIDI Keyboard Octave Range Up/Down
c or vAdjust Computer MIDI Keyboard Incoming Note Velocity Up/Down

Zooming, Display and Selections

+Zoom In
-Zoom Out
shiftDrag/Click to Append to a Selection
shiftClick to Add Adjacent Clips/Tracks/Scenes to Multi-Selection
commandClick to Add Nonadjacent Clips/Tracks/Scenes to a Multi-Selection
command + shift + kFollow (Auto-Scroll)
command + altPan Left/Right of Selection

Clip View Sample Display

command + uQuantize
command + shift + uQuantize Settings
right or leftMove Selected Warp Marker
command + right or leftSelect Warp Marker
command + shift + fScroll Display to Follow Playback
shift + right or leftMove Clip Region with Start Marker
zZoom to Clip Selection
xZoom Back from Clip Selection

Clip View MIDI Editor

command + uQuantize
command + shift + uQuantize Settings...
page up or page downScroll Editor Vertically
shift + page up or page downScroll Editor Horizontally
alt then dragCopy Notes
command then dragChange Velocity From Note Editor
fn + leftMove Insert Marker to Beginning
endMove Insert Marker to End
command + shift + fScroll Display to Follow Playback
shift + right or leftMove Clip Region with Start Marker
zZoom to Clip Selection
xZoom Back from Clip Selection

Grid Snapping and Drawing

bToggle Draw Mode
command + 1Narrow Grid
command + 2Widen Grid
command + 3Triplet Grid
command + 4Snap to Grid
command + 5Fixed/Zoom-Adaptive Grid
commandBypass Snapping While Dragging

Global Quantization

command + 6Sixteenth-Note Quantization
command + 7Eighth-Note Quantization
command + 8Quarter-Note Quantization
command + 91-Bar Quantization
command + 0Quantization Off

Working with Sets and the Program

command + nNew Live Set
command + oOpen Live Set
command + sSave Live Set
command + shift + sSave Live Set As...
command + qQuit Live
command + hHide Live
command + shift + rExport Audio/Video
command + shift + eExport MIDI file

Working with Plug-Ins and Devices

command + alt + pShow/Hide Plug-In Windows
commandOpen Second/Multiple Windows with Show/Hide Plug-In Window Button
command + gGroup/Ungroup Devices
alt then device then activatorActivate/Deactivate All Devices in Group
shiftClick to Append Devices to a Selected Device
enterLoad Selected Device From Browser